Projects using wavesurfer.js

This is a list of projects that use wavesurfer.js. If you like to include your project, drop us a line on GitHub.

Open Source

Project Description
TouchDJ Mobile DJ app targeted for tablet resolutions implemented in Sencha Touch 2.2.
videojs-record Video.js plugin for recording audio/video/image files.
videojs-wavesurfer Video.js plugin that adds a navigable waveform for audio and video files.
waveform-playlist Waveform playlist editor with cues and fade-in effects
fiveLoadSub HTML5/Javascript based, «incredibly-easy» subtitling software
WaveSurfer-WP A WordPress plugin for wavesurfer.js
Aikuma-NG An offline Chrome App aimed at recording and annotating speech in endangered languages.
Tameez An audio-quiz for minimal pairs in the Arabic language.
UDUK OSEM A music jamming application. Users can plug-in their guitar and/or MIDI key controller. Wavesurfer.js is being used to render backing track audio files and recorded audio.
Electro Allows music to be mixed live from the internet
Sparkled A web-based LED animation sequencer
loopslicer Automatically slices an audio file into samples. Live demo
wavesurfer for R R interface for wavesurfer.js Live demo


Project Description
Audome Audome streamlines the audio delivery process, by centralizing communication, adding time-stamped comments and much more for free. Remove background noise from audio files online for free.
Music Speed Changer An online web app for changing music speed and pitch in real time.
DJ Mixer App - Mix Music DJ Mixer App for the windows universal platform. Allows users to mix music from soundcloud and local mp3/wav files with BPM detection and sample sounds included.
ToyTalk A cute audio player for an educational game.
The ASU Oral History Project «... lets registered users create compilations, upload oral history files (in .mp3 format) and create metadata and transcriptions for them, so that the public can access the files»
Broadcast Composers Broadcast Composers Music Library
Felt Music A British music production company
ulrikejä The website of a journalist Ulrike Jährling
CutMp3 Online A service that allows an uploaded MP3 file to be cut and downloaded.
μsic A tool for learning songs by ear. You can slow down youtube audio without change in pitch, and add section annotations. API service for creating waveforms and json audio data from audio files.
Camelia Studio A website that allows musicians to create music videos for social medias.
Soundsnap A sound effects store.
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