Example applications


See the Pen wavesurfer.js zoom by katspaugh (@katspaugh) on CodePen.

The zoom example shows how to use the zoom method and an HTML5 slider to zoom the waveform in and out.


See the Pen wavesurfer.js equalizer by katspaugh (@katspaugh) on CodePen.

The equalizer example demonstrates how to connect Web Audio filters to a wavesurfer Web Audio buffer to achieve various audio effects. In this case, you can change the amplitude of certain frequencies.

Split channels

See the Pen wavesurfer.js split channels by katspaugh (@katspaugh) on CodePen.

This is an example of the splitChannels options. If you set it to true, instead of one waveform, multiple waveforms will be displayed (one per audio channel).

Angular Material

This is a ready-to-use playlist player made with AngularJS and Angular Material.

The source code of this example is on GitHub.

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