WaveSurfer Events

You can use on() and un() methods to subscribe and unsubscribe from various player events. For example:

wavesurfer.on('pause', function () {
    wavesurfer.params.container.style.opacity = 0.9;

Here's the list of available events:

  • audioprocess – Fires continuously as the audio plays.
  • dblclick – When instance is double-clicked.
  • destroy – When instance is destroyed.
  • error – Occurs on error. Callback will receive (string) error message.
  • finish – When it finishes playing.
  • interaction – When there's interaction with the waveform.
  • loading – Fires continuously when loading using fetch or drag'n'drop. Callback will receive (integer) loading progress in percents [0..100].
  • mute – On mute change. Callback will receive (boolean) new mute status.
  • pause – When audio is paused.
  • play – When playback starts.
  • ready – When audio is loaded, decoded and the waveform drawn. This fires before the waveform is drawn when using MediaElement, see waveform-ready.
  • scroll - When the scrollbar is moved. Callback will receive a ScrollEvent object.
  • seek – On seeking. Callback will receive (float) progress [0..1].
  • volume – On volume change. Callback will receive (integer) new volume.
  • waveform-ready – Fires after the waveform is drawn when using the MediaElement backend. If you're using the WebAudio backend, you can use ready.
  • zoom – On zooming. Callback will receive (integer) minPxPerSec.
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